Buffered alkaline It is used instead of soda for the optimum pH control in dyeing of cotton or cotton blended textile products with reactive dyes.

Ecological products Diamino functional silane

Water-based amino alkylarylene

Equalize to agent for dyeing wool Decrease contamination due to differences in affinity on the ground. Increases the durability of the paint in the so

Silicone Concentrated Foam Cutter Mixture of fatty acid esters Easily dispersed in solution Does not decompose and aggregate

Leveling agent for use in wool dyeing Egalizer for Wool Painting Reduce pollution from the difference in affinity on the ground.

Highly Concentrated non-Silicone Anti-foam It can be used wherever it is inconvenient to use silicone foam cutter in textiles

Silicone-Free Concentrated Foam Cutter Easily dispersed in solution Does not decompose and aggregate

Stabilized catalase enzyme

Neutralization Acid and Buffering Chemistry It is able to adjust pH to weak acidic conditions.

Acid Dispersant in Dyeing of Polyamide and Wool Chemical Acid and metal complex paint can be used easily in nylon and wool dyeing.

Denim Part Washing Permanganate Neutralizing Chemical It is also used as an auxiliary material in wool bleaching.
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